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About the Reach Project

The REACH project is co-funded by the European Commission under the PROGRESS Action Grants on Violence Against Women. It primarily focuses on the issue of human trafficking against women and girls in terms of:
    • Raising awareness of the issue (including rights of victims and supports available) among victims and potential victims;
    • Promoting a message of zero tolerance of human trafficking as a form of violence against women and girls, among men and boys;
    • Developing innovative training and support to frontline actors including the development of a ‘mobile app’.

REACH Partners

REACH is the first ‘all island of Ireland’ initiative of its kind and is based on the work and expertise of a unique multi-agency partnership, which includes:
    • Republic of Ireland: the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit at the Department of Justice;
    • Ruhama, the HSE, the Child and Family Agency, An Garda Síochána and Cosc;
    • Northern Ireland: the Department of Justice, Northern Ireland Women’s Aid and the PSNI.
General Objectives

The purpose of the project is to contribute to efforts to combat the trafficking of women and girls through the following means:
    • increasing access among hard to reach victims/potential victims of human trafficking, especially women and girls to supports available to them and to equip such persons with sufficient information to allow them to assert their rights guaranteed under national and EU law;
    • encouraging zero tolerance of this form of violence against women and girls by raising awareness of the harms caused by the demand for sexual services amongst potential buyers of sex;
    • raising greater awareness of the indicators of human trafficking among professions likely to encounter victims/potential victims of human trafficking and setting out the appropriate course of action to be taken should they encounter a victim of human trafficking.

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